Haven’t posted anything in a while,  and that’s probably a good thing.  The number of embarrassing incidents are slowing down.  Did sign up for facebook around the holidays and it is interesting.  I’m communicating with people I haven’t thought about or talked to since high school.  The “wall” concept where everything you say is available for many to see, reminds me allot of the CB radios many years ago. you’d have a conversation, but anybody could hear it, if they wanted. we got a couple inches of snow last week, and it was the first test of my tractor and plow.  Bought a used simplicity tractor from a friends cousin.  It’s build in the 70’s but still runs very well.  did the flat part of the driveway without a problem and started plowing the 130 foot section that is on a hill and ends at route 206 (highway).  going down the driveway worked as I hoped.  tried to back up and the wheels just spun.    my only option to to get out and push, while the tractor was in reverse.  worked ok, until the tractor got some footing and started to take off.  luckily it only went about 5 feet and got stuck in the snow.   for a second, I thought I’d be chasing it all they way up the driveway and trying to catch it before it hit the glass door of the garage…. 

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