gone crazy

late night purchase I probably didn't need

late night purchase I probably didn't need

I thought I calmed down with my frivolous Internet purchases,  but there’s still some issues.    I got a shipping confirmation from Amazon last week that showed I ordered 2 cases of artichokes.  I remembered coming across a deal at and for $14/case, how could I skip it :)  in order to get free shipping I needed to be above $25 so I apparently ordered 2.  If I had any clue what do do with canned artichokes, this may not have been a bad purchase.  I made the mistake of telling Kent about my purchase and he thought it was so funny that he had another $100 worth ordered and sent to me.  Got my first shipment today.  Any suggestions on what to do with these?

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  1. Jason Orlando says:

    go to DJ late at night and leave 1 can on everyone’s desk. Come in early the next day and observe.

  2. raj says:

    Pete, you can now take off your weights from your tractor and use these instead!!

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