Shuffle Bowling

sample pictureOne of the games I remember playing in college was shuffle bowling. The 8th Street Tavern (“Charlies”) in Hoboken had one along with $1 beers. A local bar in Beach Haven (LBI), Hudson House, or better known as the B-A-R bar by my friends, has a bowler and we’ve collectively put a good amount of money in it over the years. I recently won a one in an eBay auction. It’s a Williams Strike Zone bowler circ 1985. The system is based on pinball controls and was in very good shape. Replaced some bulbs, installed a new reset switch. The 2 other defects are the score for player 6 and the hood backglass. The score is a plasma tube (+/- 100V applied) that cost about $50 new. The backglass chip wasn’t in the listing description. Replacement cost is $120. Overall not too bad.

Here’s the crack in the backglass.

BackGlass Hood Crack

There’s allot of related information on repairing pinball machines that apply to the bowler. Buying the instruction manual was invaluable to finding diag tests for lights, switches, cpu, etc… There are plenty on ebay and internet. People selling originals and copies for $15-$20. Strike Zone Manual

Score display glass is soldered onto a daughterboard and many people sell the displays without this board. Brushed off my soldering iron and was able to desolder the ~30 pins without doing any damage. Bought a new display and soldered it in without any problems.

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  1. David says:

    Where can I find the backglass and led 6 digit score light

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