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I live in the center of Princeton. Since I don’t know how to cook and eat out for all meals, I get asked allot for opinions on restaurants and things to do in princeton. Will capture key places here.

Restaurant Comments

General Meals – I eat most of my meals at Olive’s (no website to link to). It’s a deli/catering place with a good variety of food. Different specials every day. It’s take out only.

Sushi – Bagel Sushi (may have changed the name since they closed their adjacent bagel shop. It’s a korean/Japanese restaraunt with a good selection. More seating than AJehei (on Chambers), and you can easily go with a crowd, even if some won’t eat sushi.

Thai Food.  New restaurant opened and I had some spicy noodles and spring rolls.  It was very good, and place was crowded, people leaving raving that it’s the best thai food you’ll find. 

Seafood – Blue Point Grill

Italian – Teresas

Steak – KC Prime  It’s a little out of town (close to QB Mall), but is a better value than the Witherspoon Grill.

Things to see

Princeton University Museum

Princeton Cemetery

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