New House

For as far back as I can remember, I’d change something significantly every couple years. Whether it’s a new job, new house, beach house investment, or something else,  I need some variety.  Something that’s a big enough step/change to be a little scary and shake things up.  Job has been the same for a little too long, and not likely to change soon.  I started looking at real estate recently.  Couldn’t find a slightly bigger house downtown, and got laughed at when I tried to find a small house, close to mine, that I could make into a “game house” and move things like foosball, pool table, poker table, and shuffle bowling into it and free up my kitchen and dining room.  Came across a ranch in princeton that’s 2miles from the center of town.  Was able to negotiate a deal and am in attorney review right now.  House is big enough to fit all my toys and has some fun features, like an indoor pool, jacuzzi, and is isolated from neighbors.  A little crazy right now, trying to work out the finances and paperwork, but is fun….

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