Moved in

I’m settled into the new house.  Been a chaotic couple of weeks.  There was way more in my old place than I estimated.  Me and my friends are getting older, so the thought of rounding everyone up to move didn’t sound good.  I decided to get some laborors from Princeton for young blood, and a couple friends from work offered to help out. 

Sunday was the big move day, and I rented a u-haul truck.  Below is Steve’s description.   It’s funnier if you hear my dad tell it, especially how he tried to get people’s attention by whistling, but his false teeth made that impossible.  Only damage was a tool chest, which is well worth the entertainment I got from it.

——-  from email message
We spent 2hrs loading the u-haul to the gills. Meticulously packing it with great care. When finished, fred and I jumped in the cab and fired it up. Pulled away from petes house enroute to his new home.

Suddenly, I see petes dad running down the street after us out of the corner of my eye. We hear a small crash and I ask “fred what he thought it might be “. He replied, ” nothing, probably just the cargo moving around a bit”. I agreed with his analysis and continued onto witherspoon street. We were just happy and comfortable to be in the air conditioned truck.

I look in the mirror and still see petes dad running ( now with more urgency). Now I’m concerned. I see in the over sized side mirror what looks like a large black juke box laying in the center of the road. It was pete’s large tool chest!!!!  The friggin door to the u-haul was left open!!!!  Tools scattered all over. Total chaos began. Fred runs into the street, pete bangs a u turn to assist, pete’ dad just can’t believe what he just saw. Steve was fending off questions from princeton police while blocking traffic.

In the end all was well. And thankfully nobody was hurt or arrested. This is an episode that will live long in our thursday night discussions. 

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