Memorial day weekend

Weekend went quickly. Stayed at the beach. We took down the 2 decks the previous weekend and had to install the railings this weekend. Luckily we have a friend who helped out that really knew what he was doing. Here’s George and the 45.5 lb striper he could on Memorial day weekend.

George and large striper

With George, Joe, and Wally, the decks went up well, but it was allot of work. The composite decking and PVC railing really look good and should last a while, even in the shore environment.  I was banned from going on any ladder over 6 ft, and we were all spared from any injuries. Took a ride to Atlantic City on Monday. Mike and Steve were shocked that I didn’t play a single game. Had a great meal at Carmine’s and watched the Lakers game at the Irish pub. The house purchase, and lack of June summer rentals, has made me have to think twice about buying toys I don’t need, and from playing any games at the casino. First time in a very long time that I’ve had to think about my spending habits.

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