General Observations

Not allot went on this week. Work was quietier with many people going to NJ for an internal technology show. Had our first live video webcast for the primaries on Tuesday. Worked out pretty well, but took some bubble gum and string to pull it off.

There are differences between the east coast and Minneapolis. Here’s a couple examples that come to mind. If a business in Minneapolis wants to keep people out of an area, even when they are close, they will put up a velvet rope and people just don’t go there. In NJ/NY, I’d expected a locked door and a locked gate in front of the door to accomplish the same goal. Another similar example is around weapons. On the east coast I went to Van Halen concert recently and was scanned by a metal detector and patted down. In Minneapolis there would be a sign by the entrance saying the owner bans guns from this premise. The stereotype of people being friendlier seems true, if you see someone walking down the street, they won’t go out of their way to avoid eye contact, and if there is any contact people say “hello”. that shouldn’t seem strange, but it is different.

Weather was generally warm this week. Just in time for a cold weekend. It’s going to be -11 today with a wind chill of -40.

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