gas bill

I noticed my gas bill is about $300 month lately, and tried to understand it.  I have 2 zones in the house, and on weekdays run the downstairs from 7pm through 10pm  at 64 degrees, and the upstairs at 62 degrees from 10pm through 7 am.  The rest of the time the thermostats are set to 53 degrees.  Might sound very cold, but with the upstairs zone, I have 2 vents in my bedroom, and if the door is closed 62 degrees in the hallway is at least 67 in the room.  the gas bill seems high.  I had bought these probes over the summer, and meant to do something with them at the beach house, to make sure things didn’t freeze, and maybe try to understand how tenants used the air conditioning. in any case here’s a 24 hour snapshot of temperatures.  the first chart is the outside temperature, and you can see it’s been a cold day.
outside temperature
The interesting thing with the vent temperature is that it’s going on 3 hours before the setting.  The setting was 64 at 7pm and the system is trying to make sure the temperature gets there at 7pm, so the heat is on at 4pm.
vent temperature
This is the den temperature, which is probably the coldest room in the house.
temperature inside the den
I was thinking the thermostat was more like the old style clock type, where you could put a peg in the clock to switch from one temperature, to another at a fixed time, instead this system is too smart and I thinking running longer than I need it.

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