first day with the chain saw and I end up in the emergency room

There are 2 large dead trees next to my driveway, one is probably around 70 feet tall, and estimates to take them down are close to $2k.  not where I’d like to spend my money and I’ve been asking friends and others for ideas.    Besides those trees, there’s allot of dead trees, and small trees on the property that need to be pruned, or cut down.  I went to Sears and bought a chain saw. More than one friend has made it clear that I shouldn’t own a chain saw.   I’m not the most coordinated person, and something that can rip through a limb, or cause something to fall on my head isn’t something they think I should have easy access.  Despite the warnings I bought one at Sears.  Played in the garage for a while, and broke it… went back to sears and exchanged for the same one, and I was ready to go.   I was able to push down a dead tree that was about 20 feet tall and used the chainsaw to cut it up.  all went fine.   started cutting up other downed trees, with the expectation that i could use the wood in my chimenea, or  in the fireplace when it starts getting cold.   as I’m cutting up a small tree (4 inch diameter), there’s a swarm of small bees stinging my legs and the back of my neck.  I’ve had really bad reactions as a kid, and guess this wasn’t a good thing….    went to the Princeton hospital for some shots and a prescription.

To back up a little, I get to the emergency room, some swelling, but no real bad symptoms.  They take me right away and I’m sitting in a room with all the instruments.  Decided I should call someone, in the rare case it gets bad, at least someone will know I’m there.  My sister is a nurse, and I was hesitant, but called anyway.  As I’m sitting in the room, she’s asking what they did, which was nothing, but take some information (at this point).  she proceeds to explain all the real bad possibilities of what can happen if they leave me sit.  My tongue could swell, and I could have a tube shoved down my throat, and many more possible bad things.  I get off the phone, and can start seeing some hives. her talk got me a little nervous (for nothing).

Nurse and doctor came in, one quick shot, and some purple pills and I was fine.  Kept me for 1/2 hour, the let me now.  In parallel, my sister was making calls and getting in the car to drive the hour to come down.  not sure how it became a crisis, but I made it through.

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