Attempt at cooking

Not sure why, but thought I’d try to cook something tonight. Got some pasta with shrimp that looked easy. The package said under 10 minutes. I followed the instructions line by line and cooked them on the stove until the sauce boiled. Poured it into a bowl, left the pan on the counter, and started eating. About 30 seconds later there was a very loud bang, where the pan shattered into a million pieces. Why in the world do they make pans out of glass if you can use them to cook?

Accidentally caught it on video, but me being startled and jumping is a little too embarrassing to post.

Here’s how the pan ended up.


Luckily the food was out of the pan before the explosion.


Learned my lesson again, no more cooking for me…

5 Responses to “Attempt at cooking”

  1. Wow — stunning. Your “mad skillz” in the kitchen are truly impressive Pete. Have you considered an appearance on Myth Busters? 🙂

  2. Anthony DeZao says:

    What an explotion!!! Where’s the video? We want to laugh harder…Have a great Bam-Boom!!!! At least you got a taste of some dinner….I guess that’s why you buy me hotdogs at the corner store! I hope you get an explotion of your hotdog! Uncle Peter, how about you do the broken plate dance! Thanks for making me see the explotion-love Anthony

  3. steve d says:

    Hmmmm.. let see. Definition of Pan => cooking utensil consisting of a wide metal vessel… yea, that sum’s it up… stay out of the kitchen!

  4. Fred Nix says:

    I think the picture of the shattered saucepan is indisputable evidence that companies manufacture products to fail after a certain number of uses 🙂 That explosion was probably designed into the saucepan!!!!!

    The end result actually looks pretty tasty though!!!

  5. Kate Downey says:

    So did the neighbor call the police?

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