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Seatbelt ticket

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

I’ll preface this post with agreement that I’m really bad when it comes to putting my seat belt on when driving, typing on my blackberry, or using the cell phone (lost both blue tooth headsets).   I am trying to get better about it, but it’s far from an automatic thing for me to put my seat belt on.

I had the day off on Friday and was getting ready for my move.  Tried to run some errands and turned a bucket of change into $128 at the bank. Was surprised it totaled that much. As I’m leaving the parking lot, there’s construction at the intersection.   I put on my seat belt, as I turn onto the highway and a 1/4 mile further an officer in the road, flagged me into a parking lot.  Asked me if  I just put my belt on, and in a weak moment, I answered yes.  He wrote me up for $46 ticket, emphasizing it wasn’t a moving violation, only an equipment ticket, and that they were stopping all people without seat belts, or talking on cell phones today.   It will make me be a little more careful, but I’ll kick myself, every time I think about this and responding “yes” to if I just put the belt on.

House is supposed to close this week.  Got a nasty certified letter from the sellers attorney today saying if closing doesn’t happen by the end of the month, I think I responsible for all costs, including his family’s breakfast bills. Been a painful process, where you can’t control things and it’s still mostly a stacks of paper driven transaction.

Went to a Pearl Jam concert in Camden last night, and even though I only recognized 1/2 the songs the venue was very good.  We weren’t that close, but could see the band well, and the acoustics were very good.  Had dinner in philly and took the ferry over.  worked out really well, and I may have been hesitant to go to Camden, in the past, but would definitely go again and recommend it.