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Spring Break week

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

This week my nephew had the week off, and I offered to have him come down for a couple days. He jumped at the opportunity quickly and I almost had to rethink what I was saying. Last time he stayed over we ran into a couple issues and a key quote was “Uncle Peter, you can’t leave me alone!” as I was getting ready to leave for some pizza. His new shoe ripped into his foot and he could walk. All worked out, as I gave him a flip flop and he walked around town with one show and one size 11 flip flop. This visit was less eventful and he had fun playing shuffle bowling, Nintendo-DS, foosball, and a trip to the library. Starting to concern me that my place is much more fun for an 8 year old, than to 40 year olds….

Greek Easter

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Greek Easter varies from Catholic Easter because of the way the calendar is determined. Greek Easter will always be after passover, and every couple years it falls on the same date. There’s a great blog entry from Rita Wilson from last year that describes many of the traditions and differences. Mom and Dad are having about 40 people over, hope the weather holds up….

Update: added picture from easter. Not the entire family, or people at the house made it into the picture. don’t see my sister in-law, favorite nieces, or god daughter.  Still an impressive turnout.

Easter 2008

Back in NJ

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

Been busier now that I’m back in NJ.  Nothing very interesting to write about.  My cousin was featured in the March 23rd issue of “the artist’s magazine”.  Here’s a link to a small blurb and some drawings I’m always amazed that some parts of the family have artistic and musical skills and I can’t draw a stick figure, or play a tambourine.